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The emperor has no clothes; EU-Morocco trade relations, Sahrawi peoples’ self-determination and the Union’s (violation of its) duty of non-recognition

Introduction* On 29 September 2021 the General Court (GC) of the European Union (EU)  delivered two long-awaited decisions on the Front Polisario v. Council cases adding a new chapter to a decade-long judicial saga on the compatibility of EU-Morocco trade relations with international and Union law. The disputes arose following the conclusion of several international [......]

Frontex’ involvement in illegal pushbacks and EU’s possible international responsibility

The Mediterranean Sea is considered one of the deadliest routes for migrants and refugees from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) area. The past decade has seen increased numbers of people fleeing their homes in the hope of safer refuge in European countries. The number of refugees passing through the Mediterranean Sea [......]

The EU and its int’l responsibility for the living conditions in Moria

On the night of September 08, 2020, the infamous refugee camp in Moria, Greece, was destroyed after a huge fire brought to ashes its facilities and surroundings and left its approximately 13,000 residents stranded in the streets of the island. The camp, which was originally designed to host less than 3,000 people, was [......]

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